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contact4  GmbH


Am Hohen Wald 36

D-42859 Remscheid


Fon: +49 (0) 2191-560 51 50

Fax: +49 (0) 2191-560 51 51




Welcome to your agency contact4 GmbH, your personnel services for exhibitions, promotions, conferences,

product presentations, sporting events, meetings, corporate receptions, VIP events, road shows,

store openings and other events.


A successful performance stands or falls with the present staff, which presents your company.

 We make competent, experienced and multilingual personnel available to you, for example,

fair hostesses/hosts, promoters, models, presenters, interpreters or service personnel.

We rent out the right outfit, so that this small but important detail of your event will be coherent.


The customers satisfaction is the first of our priorities.


We are taking on the recruitment of our great data stock of over 3,000 hostesses/promoters

- and of course to all exhibition locations in Germany.


Your advantage: You will minimize the travel and hotel costs for your own personnel and you will get

our special personnel for your event. This contains that all booking, organizational charges and statement

costs will not be incurred for you.

We assure you a professional and individual solution for your company.


Profit from the service and the quality of our agency contact4 GmbH.


We are pleased to advise you.